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I always wanted to be in the health profession to have the tools to be of use to help people in some way.

I grew up in Belfast surrounded by illness whether in the family, friend’s families or surrounding neighbours with physical health being a limitation to enjoying and experiencing their lives.  I always wanted to be in the health profession to have the tools to be of use to help people in some way. 

Even being involved in sports as a footballer, an athlete, a boxer and even dabbled in martial arts, I very soon realised the need for physical care and that old motto “look after your body and it will look after you” was permanently engrained.  I pulled muscles, stretched ligaments and tweaked tissues that is when i was introduced to massage therapy and physiotherapy.Another realisation unfolded when I entered the world of business and work in that the balance between the physical, emotional and thought patterns needed to be maintained or else health was affected.  Stress, long hours and pressures of everyday life took its toll, which lead to a dip in my health even though the physical body was looked after.

sportAs I moved through life, health and healing was always in the back of my mind, as I saw the effects not only on my own health but others in the workplace.  I saw how this stress can manifest as physical ailments, putting pressure on your body system, affecting emotions, behaviour and mental wellbeing.  After two post grads and a career in marketing and web technologies I decided to train as an Energy or Vitalistic Therapist, to help my own wellbeing but also use these techniques to help others.  I became a teacher of these techniques and methods, to empower others, so they could help themselves.  Energy or Vitalistic therapy also known as energy medicine, energy healing, vibrational medicine works holistically balancing the subtle and electromagnetic properties of our beings.  This body energy system was known in ancient past in Egypt, India and the rest of Asia with some elements named Chakras, Meridians, Acupuncture points and even today modern medical instruments employ some energy concepts such as electricity to halt pain and electromagnetic fields to heal and diagnose the body. I realised that there is a very tangible and strong basis for the link between our physical health and our well being holistically.  Through people within my own family having fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, MS, cancers and a range of other conditions.  It came clear that these ailments are not unique to these specific people.

Having worked with clients over the years in sessions, who had a range of physical ailments and experienced emotional upheiveal there was a common thread –‘the physical is a manifestation of something going on in your life’. Also there was a pattern of these types of dis-eases like those my own family were and are living with fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, MS and cancers.  It is your body talking, it is an indication of something deeper, underlying. Your body is the communication medium, so we need to start listening.

massage therapy for stressIn society today there is pressure to juggle finance, family, relationship, social, work commitments. It’s a time of anxiety, stress, worry and depression in a fast paced world of mortgages, consumables, chemicals, free radicals, pollution and pesticides.  So how do we take care of ourselves?  How do we bring balance into a world of worry? What do we do to repair and restore our health?

At times when we are ill they can’t see past the present, the focus is on how they feel now and how they can make it through the day.  It is more managing the situation and ‘making do’.  Daily things become difficult and managing pain becomes the focus.  Good days are a blessing and bad days are expected.  We can set time aside for ourselves through relaxation, contemplation, meditation, bodywork and massage therapy.  All we need to do is take care of ourselves and realise that the more we do this, the better we feel and the more we cultivate health and longevity of our lives.  If we are well we need to sustain and maintain.  If we are unwell we need to repair and restore.  We need to see ourselves as whole beings not just as mechanical bio-organic suits.  If we really understand this simplified, basic formula, we are half way to holistic health:

Thought Patterns + Emotional stability = Physical health

You can look at it in reverse and start with physical health and work backwards to something in your life that could have affected your health, taking its emotional toll and worrying your mind with thoughts that bring about an emotional response, leading to a physical ailment.  It works both ways.

I want to better the lives of people through the things I have learned, the areas I have researched, the knowledge I have gained and the wisdom that has unfolded.  I am fully committed to continuing this path, continuing to being an eternal student and imparting this to my clients.  My goal is to advise and offer solutions that:

  • Promote greater wellness through exercise and nutritional habits,
  • Cultivate healthier patterns of emotional wellbeing,
  • Offer stress reduction techniques that promote relaxation and
  • Propose self-awareness tools, techniques and meditations, which help people, discover the real causes of their ailments and stress.

I was taught bodywork techniques in the foothills of the Himalayas.  These techniques date back thousands of years and one in particular passed down through family generations in Tibet.  massages from asiaThis was true therapeutics in action, which could be combined with nutrition, herbs, exercise and additional Tibetan therapies.  It’s the same with Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine and massage therapy culminating thousands of years of knowledge which also recognised a holistic approach to our beings rather than just our physical bodies.  Massage therapy was also utilised in ancient Greece, Rome, Japan and Persia.  You can see these ancient traditions from all over the world and many more emerging again because they have worked for so long.  That’s why the bodywork techniques I offer are traditionally from India (Holistic Ayurvedic Massage & Tummo), Tibet (Tibetan Ku Nye) and China/Japan (Acupressure).  I hope you enjoy your treatments with me, don’t forget the formula (Thought Patterns + Emotional stability = Physical health) and see you soon.

Paul Devenney

Paul massage therapist

Paul Devenney
Massage & Vitalistic Therapist
PGDip. Msc


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