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Note:£25 deposit is required to confirm all bookings but for services equal to this price, balance is deemed paid in full.  If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes of booking then the appointment has not been confirmed, so please check and get in touch or the email is in your junk/spam folder. Due to the nature of online via offline bookings time slots may not be available on the calendar. We will contact you, if this is the case.

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After choosing a treatment via our booking system, a confirmation will be sent via email within 10 minutes providing a valid email has been provided. If you do not receive this email the appointment has not be confirmed, so please get in touch or it is in your spam or junk email folder.

Same day bookings can only be made 3 hrs in advance but you can book months in advance, if you wish.

You may begin the process by choosing a treatment listed above (Full body or Back massage).

As part of the booking process you can sign-up for your personal client area, where you can view appointments, make bookings and purchase gift vouchers.

 Phone Bookings

When booking by phone and once appointment has been confirmed a confirmation email will be sent to you with details on how to complete the booking process.

Ensure that you receive this email and complete the process or your appointment will not be valid.

Free consultation

We offer Free consultationConsultation form and discussion about health & wellbeing.

If it is your first time we will go through a consultation form to discuss health & wellbeing. We will also spend some time after to discuss anything that arises.  Please arrive 15 mins before your appointment.

Existing clients who are on a program, we will discuss progress and recommendations.  We will also spend some time after to discuss anything that arises.  Please arrive 15 mins before your appointment.


Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled treatment time for a confidential consultation form to be completed (first time visitors).  Health details are required to ensure your treatment is tailored to your needs.  All information is kept completely confidential.

Existing clients, if on a program, please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment, otherwise please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.

Late arrival for any appointment may result in a reduction of the appointment time or may mean we are unable to proceed.  You may reschedule but a 50% fee will be incurred.

 Gift Vouchers

See Gift voucher information. You can purchase gift vouchers and redeem vouchers(Please bring a copy of your voucher when attending your appointment. )

You can also purchase gift vouchers within your personal client area.  These vouchers are unique in that you can print them out or send to someone via email.  A perfect and efficient gift for family, friends and partners.

Gift Vouchers are valid for use for 6 months (3 months if bought as part of special offer), up to the displayed expiry date and cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-refundable.

After this date, Gift Vouchers will automatically expire and cannot be re-instated. Vajra Holistic Health are not responsible for informing or reminding customers when a Gift Voucher is due to expire. To redeem your Gift Voucher, you must book in advance via our booking system to ensure there is availability.


Cancellations must be received 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.  Failure to do so will result in full costs to be absorbed (100%) but hey things happen, so give us a call.

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