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instant-gift-vouchersInstant Gift vouchers are a perfect way to treat your loved ones, family and friends to a special, healthy and therapeutic alternative gift, as a way of showing them how much you appreciate them.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, taking care of yourself and those you care about is important and an unexpected gift from the heart could add to their wellbeing.  If they are stressed out with work, experience lack of sleep or have muscle tension or pain in the neck, back or legs due to over excessive activities or under excessive activities then a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment from Vajra Holistic Health would be a perfect present to get them back to their best.

Courtesy of you, they could be experiencing that blissful relaxation and unwinding in quiet, oasis in a perfect city centre location, in their lunch break, after work or next time they are in the town.

How Instant Gift Vouchers work

Instant gift vouchers are a quick, convenient and great way to book and receive your vouchers in an instant.  By purchasing them via our booking system you receive a unique electronic Gift Voucher and redemption code, which you receive by email. You can print the instant gift voucher and put it in a card or you can email it to the person you bought the treatment for.

Give vouchers are purchased for specific treatments, so during the online buying process, you choose the treatment for which you would like to receive a gift voucher.

You can purchase your gift voucher in two ways:

  1. If not an existing client or have not registered then go to our Buy Gift Vouchers Page
  2. Existing clients can purchase from your personal client area (Sign in)

To purchase a gift voucher during a promotional offer, follow one of the steps above. During the purchasing process click the “Promotion code” button (add button image), located at the top of the form and add the PROMO CODE.  The discount will be applied at checkout.  Promotional offers last for a specific period of time, so ensure that the promotional has not ended.

To make a booking with your gift voucher, please go to our Redeem Gift Vouchers Page and follow the instructions.

 Gift Voucher T&C

Gift Vouchers are valid for use for 6 months (3 months if bought as part of special offer), up to the displayed expiry date and cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-refundable.

After this date, Gift Vouchers will automatically expire and cannot be re-instated. Vajra Holistic Health is not responsible for informing or reminding customers when a Gift Voucher is due to expire.

To redeem your Gift Voucher, you must book in advance via our booking system to ensure there is availability (Please also bring a copy of your voucher when attending your appointment).

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