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Introduction: Health consciousness and upsurge for massages in Belfast

Massage is often seen as complementary or alternative medicine technique to promote relaxation and wellbeing and is one of the best gifts you can give your body.   Therapies such as massage can be done in isolation or combined with conventional medicine.  I have seen an upsurge in complementary and massage therapies offered in Belfast, which is both an increase of our awareness of health but also the shift in our multicultural community.  This is a major boost for an ecliptic mix of therapy services being offered and comes on the back of our European and world community using massage as an important part of their society and even their medical treatments.

In Northern Ireland and in Belfast, common health problems for which complementary massage therapies are used include musculoskeletal discomfort and pain, stress, anxiety and depression (ARK Northern Ireland-Complementary and alternative medicine,, massage belfast).  The research also reveals that people here thought that acupuncture and acupressure to be the most helpful therapies.

We have seen the increase of gyms, fitness programs and personal trainers, a shift in our eating habits to vegetarianism, Veganism and Raw Foodism, our ‘fad’ eating diets such as the Paleo, Mayo clinic diet, therapeutic lifestyle changes diet , DASH diet and others as well as our selective taste for organic foods.   As a bi-product we have also seen a welcomed increase in spas, massage services and overall complementary therapies.

As more people become health conscious not only for physical fitness but also for stress management, anxiety relief and depression reprieve they are looking to complementary therapies to fill the gap in the traditional medicine arena.  Our Health and Wellbeing is of utmost importance and we also see an increase in stress management courses, charities and support organisations to include the Belfast Strategic Partnership, which is supported by the Belfast Health Development Unit, made up of staff from Belfast City Council, the Public Health Agency  and the Belfast Health and Social Services Trust.

Not all massages are created equal: What type of massage should you choose?

There is a great selection of massages to choose from in Belfast from relaxation to therapeutic type techniques.  Depending on your activities, situation or wellbeing certain massages would be recommended.  Massages are both preventative and curative in other words you can get treatments:

  1. If you have physical symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and musculoskeletal or localised muscle pain.
  2. You do not show physical symptoms but want to keep your body in great condition especially as part of your recovering period from the gym/exercise or as a self-care and relaxation routine.

Depending on the magnitude of the symptoms and self-care regime but of course personal choice, there are usually two choices of massage types to choose from:

Rejuvenating massage

Words common with rejuvenating massages are relaxing, stimulating and nourishing.  They bring all the benefits with rejuvenating the body, tissues, muscles and organs with body stress release.  Generally these would be light to medium pressure, although they can be adopted to be client specific.

Types: Ayurvedic, Tummo, Swedish, aromatherapy, hot stone, holistic.

Therapeutic massage also known as deep tissue massage

Therapeutic could also sometimes be known as medicinal massage bringing with it an abundance of health benefits and body regeneration along with detoxing qualities.  As these techniques are generally deep tissue they access deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, help mobilisation and specific muscle pains, ailments, musculoskeletal injuries and problems.

Types:  Deep TissueTibetan Kunye, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Sports, Chinese massage.

With most massages there is a back massage version of the full body massage technique or a generic back massage using a combination of techniques.

What is involved in a Belfast massage session?


In preparation you should not eat a heavy meal for at least up an hour  and a half before hand, some light refreshments, fruit and of course fluids are perfect within this time period.


Full body massages generally last between 60-75 minutes in length with back massages lasting 30-45 minutes but of course variations exist. The room will be should be warm and welcoming with relaxing music playing and soft lighting to aid relaxation.


There are a variation of oils, lotions and creams that are used but I tend to use lotion that promotes relaxation with therapeutic and powerful natural ingredients & nutrients such as:

  • Jojoba- Great for skin and hair care but is also an excellent moisturiser with great anti-inflammatory properties for skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.  It is great for both dry and oily skin types.
  • Aloe Vera- With over 200 active components to include vitamins and minerals, it helps with digestion, stimulates body defence systems to stress.  Good for detoxification, alkalizes the body boosts the immune system and of course is great for the skin.
  • Arnica- Perfect for bruises, sprains, rheumatic pains, spasms, pulled muscles and muscle aches.
  • Vitamin E- Promotes healthy skin, protects cell membranes and is a powerful antioxidant, boosting the immune system.


The therapist will begin with an initial consultation to ascertain general overview of lifestyle etc, which will influence a treatment plan, if implemented. (see treatment plan).  This will focus the massage session in locating discomfort areas, specific focus and homing in on techniques to be used.


You will generally wear your underwear, swimwear or sportswear to cover your genital area only, in order for the therapist to access your back and shoulders without restriction.  I also use sheets and towels to cover my clients and tuck them were needed to access various parts.  I work with what you are comfortable with, so if you want to keep certain items of clothing on, we can work around your needs. You could also be fully clothed, if you are receiving shiatsu, acupressure, thai massage or similar.  It’s best to wear loose, comfortable or sports clothing.  These ‘stretching/manipulation’ type massages will take place on a mat on the floor, whereas with most other massages treatments are carried out on a massage table.

During the massage

Some people chat or go into their relaxation space, some people even fall asleep but It’s always exactly what you may need.  After a massage you will feel relaxed and if it is a deep tissue massage your muscles may feel tender for a short period of time before regenerated.


With all body work drink plenty of water after a session to help the body with the healing process, helps in the release of toxins and restoring homeostasis.  If adhering to a treatment or wellness program then begin or continue the process.  Always supplement any therapy with personal steps if necessary and of course massage/complementary therapies are always the perfect addition to a preventative self-care regime.

What is the frequency I should get a massage?

How many times you receive a massage and over what period of time depends on a number of factors:

  • General relaxation and how active you are in your life: If your goal is to relax and take some time for you and extra body care then once a month to once bi-monthly is suffice.  As situations change or you tend to be active always on the go then 1-3 times a month is recommended for health maintenance.
  • Sports or gym activity: Depending on the activity and frequency to either enhance performance, prevent injury for muscle recovery 1-2 times per week.
  • Stress levels: Anxiety and stress can bring on fatigue, energy drainage and slow down body processes. Therefore an initial consecutive period of once a week for 3-4 weeks then a reduction thereafter. Once fortnightly may be suffice depending on levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Musculoskeletal circumstances, pain and other ailments: Depending on issue but more frequent and consecutive sessions over a longer period with a reduction period thereafter. Research revealed that frequent massage is most beneficial and that a consistent period (e.g. once week) over 8 weeks is great for reducing pain for osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Goals you wish to achieve: A goal could be part of a fitness regime, self-care, lifestyle changes, weight loss and more. This could vary and dependent on the intensity and longevity of the goal period 1-4 times a month or even bi-monthly.

These are most beneficial supplemented with ‘at home’ care, such as wellness programs, various exercises and techniques for muscles, mobility and relaxation and de-stress methods.

I offer special discounts to existing clients and first time clients but also offer a membership scheme to help with getting the treatments you need.

How about a treatment plan or wellness program?

You can use massage and complementary therapies to enhance your existing training regime or vice versa. I always encourage clients to be aware of certain imbalances within the body, posture, recommend stretching exercises, yoga techniques and other forms of self-care and maintenance.  Treatment plans are great to achieve your goals and wellness programs are a complete package covering the body, mind and spirit.  With years of experience working with people with stress, anxiety and depression a program like this can change lives, foster hope and promote wellbeing and self-empowerment.

How much does massage in Belfast cost?

Full body: The average price for a 60 minute rejuvenating, relaxation massage is £40.  Additional time such as 75 minutes is on average £50.  A 60 minute deep tissue and sports massages are between £45-£50.

Back massage:  Average price for 30 minute back massage is between £25-£30 and £30-35 for 45 minutes.

Opening times to suit your needs: Evenings, weekends and Sunday openings

Trying to get time off work for a massage wouldn’t be that welcoming from an employer like a doctor or dentist’s appointment would but hey why not? It’s all part of well-being particularly with work too.  Anyway, until that time comes you could do a lunch time massage lasting 30-45 minutes or attend after work.  As I use lotion which moisturises the skin and has no smell you could go back to work feeling refreshed and recharged.  Weekends are great having time to do the things you love particularly Saturdays.  Saturdays are getting things done day but what about Sundays-a day of rest and recuperation? There are some who open on a Sunday, search Google Sunday opening.

I offer my services in the evenings and weekends to include Sunday openings and luckily I’m based in Belfast city centre, so it’s local or only a taxi or bus ride away.

Final note

Whatever you decide ensure that you get the most out of your massage treatments and the therapist you work with.  As there are many goals for having a massage or even massage to help assist you in your personal goals but ensure the best massage therapy or a combination thereof suits your needs.  Flexibility is the key to your ‘Belfast massage’ (it would be great if there was a Belfast massage as such but who knows lol) to ensure your treatment plans or relaxation or even goals work around you and your schedule, so those who open evenings and weekends offer you the options, you  may require.

Rejuvenating Massage

Purely relaxation and Stimulation

Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue, Detoxing, Regenerative

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